Kathleen Tennant, Artist

“I literally burst into tears at the sheer shock of how much our taxes had been reduced. Sharon has been life changing for us.”

When we discovered Sharon, we were at our wits end with our taxes both professionally and personally. Tax time meant stress, bank loans, and a diminishing confidence in the value of our work.
How could so much be going to taxes each year when we are working so hard simply to stay afloat?

We turned to our friends in the Tri-Cities for help. The answer came: “We know someone who can save you.”

While we always had our suspicions on the accuracy and legitimacy of our previous accountant, these were never brought to light until our first meeting with Sharon. Errors that had been reoccurring for years and costing us tens of thousands of dollars were quickly righted as were guided into a new era of our personal and professional lives.

My husband and I both have our own small businesses, myself as an artist and him in the film industry, and the personal taxes of our family to take care of. Sharon handles it all with the most up-to-date knowledge and a humbling compassion that continues to inspire us both. She accepts our level of knowledge (I’m terrible with math and numbers!), she is always on time (when she isn’t waiting on us), and she makes us feel as though no questions is too small.

When we completed our first year of taxes with Sharon, I literally burst into tears at the sheer shock of how much they had been reduced. It has been life changing for us.

“Sharon was the first person I told about my business idea. Through her encouragement, my dream came to fruition.”

I’ve been a sailor most of my life. It’s part of my soul. After moving on from a hard life in the oil fields I was drawn to the Victoria harbor where I found this grand ship calling my name. ‘THANE’ was built in Victoria on Finger One at Fisherman’s Warf and graces the harbor with her tall sails and is 50’ from bow to stern. She offered daily sailing tours around the spectacular scenery of local coastlines and harbors.

Just over a year ago I heard that ‘THANE’ and the business was for sale. To sail everyday and make a living from it would be a dream. Sharon was the first person I told about my business idea. Through her encouragement, my dream came to fruition. I went to Sharon because I knew she not only offers a wealth of accounting-related advice, but she would guide me in making an informative business decision that would be financially sustainable but most importantly it would complete my soul. Sharon understood that about me. She knew it wasn’t about making money, it was about a lifestyle and supported me in making it happen.

I have Sharon to thank for her business advice as it put my business partner and me on track to far exceed what our expectations were for the first year of business. A lot of advice has come from Sharon, little things; all the way along she has been involved. She has empowered me to be confident in my business model, responded to my midnight business questions, and accepted my bag of receipts with open arms.

Sharon is always light-hearted and fun. I aspire to be like her one day!

Rob McCallum – Captain of “3-Hour Sail”, Victoria
Kim Vopni – “The Fitness Doula”
www.belliesinc.com www.pelviennewellness.com

“I put all my trust in Sharon, and she made it happen.”

As a wife, mother of 2 young boys, and business owner, I have a lot on my plate and managing the accounting and taxes, while important, is definitely not my strong suit. When moving back to the Lower Mainland from Toronto 3 ½ years ago, there was a lot to do in transitioning the business back to BC and finding an accountant was a top priority! I had been through two accountants in the past, and really wanted to find someone stellar…but where to begin the search? Thankfully, I received a referral (from Optimum Family Chiropractic) to see Sharon and I didn’t have to look any further. I wanted someone who not only knew all-there-is-to-know about accounting, but someone who was responsive and who I felt comfortable in sharing my personal and business information with. Sharon fit the bill! Not only does she know it all, she works with my best interest in mind and I know she is taking care of everything! She sees opportunities to reduce fees, maximize returns, and sees the bigger picture of what we need to be prosperous.

I started a second business and required another set of books in 2012. Of course Sharon handles that company as well and I marvel at how she manages all the overlaps between my personal and business taxes with skill and results.

Aside from the accounting knowledge, what stands out about Sharon is how she cares. Sharon has always been patient with my questions and incredibly responsive – I know I can call anytime and she will answer. I am delighted with Sharon and highly recommend her as she has saved me valuable time and money so I can focus on the success of my family and businesses.

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